Welcome to OhMyGoodyGoodness! I’m Bekah, and this blog is a look inside my multi-personality kitchen…it’s a cross between a wanna-be 1950’s housewife – who is always dressed in a fancy dress with perfectly done “nest” and make-up, sipping on a perfectly blended cocktail while cooking and entertaining her friends…

…and the stay-at-home, home school mom of two – who is sometimes still in her pajamas when she is in the kitchen cooking dinner, hair a mess and no make-up, rushing around to get a hot meal on the table before the love of her life walks through the door from a hard day’s work, the house is a mess and the kids are “cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”

As if things weren’t crazy enough around here, my husband and I also have our own business and I squeeze in time to handle all of the office work.

In early 2010, when I was teetering on the edge of insanity, I decided that I needed to find something for myself to do. I didn’t want it to be something that would take me away from my family, but something that would help me get my “groove” back!  I saw a quote from Julia Child that really got me thinking, “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

After putting some thought into it, I decided that “something” was going to be cooking. I could learn new things and find new recipes while at the same time feeding my family! I became moderately obsessed with it and found such joy in it and it made everyone around me want to “flip!”

When my husband and I met in February of 1995, I had no clue how to cook. Really, I was a real “closet case.” Over the years I taught myself how and slowly but surely I got better at it. Now, instead of eating most meals from a box off the grocery store shelf, we eat gourmet mostly every night. Not everything is a hit with all 5 of us, but it sure is fun trying so many new recipes!

I have a collection of original recipes as well as recipes I have found on many other blogs and in cook books. I hope you enjoy taking a walk on the wild side with me, learning new things in the kitchen and “getting a big tickle” at the craziness of my family along the way!

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8 Responses to About

  1. Lindsay says:

    This is so you!! Worded perfectly. One day I will come over and you can teach me how to be a good house’wife’!! Love you!

  2. Keith says:

    Nice Childs quote had to have some Sherry and think back, amazing lady she was!!

  3. Cassandra Cominos says:

    Sounds good

  4. anita jones says:

    I just found your buttery cheese corn recipe and bought the ingredients to make for a friend in a couple of hours. I just need to know what size casserole dish to make it in. It is the recipe with the cream style and whole kernal corn, jiffy cornbread mix, butter and shredded cheese. Can you please advise on the size dish I need to bake it in?

  5. Cindy Tanenbaum says:

    Excited to join your blog

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