Apple and Walnut Salad with Sesame Lime Dressing

I have a new obsession the last couple of weeks. I tend to do this with salads for some reason. I find one I like and then I eat it religiously until I almost can’t eat it again. But don’t be like me, everything in moderation, people.

I keep trying to tell my kids about that whole moderation thing. Instead of saying, “MOM” 1,487 times a day to limit themselves to like, say 10. Or complaining about school work 50 times a day, to limit it to maybe 1 time. They haven’t quite gotten the concept yet. However, I keep teaching them by showing them about television and video game times in moderation. Maybe that is why they don’t like it so much.

Anyway, awhile back I posted about this salad that I ate every single day I was pregnant with my little Makaya Skye. It is so good. I can now add this one to the top of my list. You can certainly add what you want to this, in fact, I would have loved to have some nice fresh pears, it would have been awesome!

You will just need these ingredients:

  • an apple, chopped
  • goat cheese
  • walnuts, chopped
  • flaxseeds
  • green leaf lettuce, or whatever lettuce you have on hand
  • sesame lime dressing

I got the inspiration for this salad after I picked up a bottle of this dressing at a local health food store last week. I also found it at Publix this week.

I plan on using this until I can come up with a sesame lime dressing that I can make. If you have a recipe for one, please, do tell. This one is not Gluten-Free.

This is the first bag of Flaxseed I have ever purchased. I have read so many good things about it and how good it is for you, etc. It has an interesting flavor and a great crunch that goes well with these other flavor combinations. I have been trying to sneak it into my families food, so far they haven’t had a clue! Shhhhhh…don’t tell them.

Basically you are just going to chop up your apple and your walnut and tear your lettuce into small pieces. Throw everything else in the bowl and stir it up. Add your dressing. This dressing has a strong flavor and you do not need much on your salad to give it a great flavor.

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